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 AICS is breaking new ground in its efforts to become one of the leading Computer Services Companies in Egypt and in the Middle East. This commitment is shown by AICS’s timely adoption of industry standards, proven capability for supporting multi-vendor software systems, and a track record for requirements analysis, consultancy, planning, designing, implementing and project management of complex and sophisticated solutions.


Document Engineering and e-Process Consulting- AICS has proven expertise in:

  • Feasibility Studies, and User Requirement Studies and analysis

  • Request for Proposals preparation, development and evaluation

  • Technical and Organizational Audit competencies

  • Product Evaluation

  • Filing Plan Definition analysis

  • Document Process Analysis

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Systems and Network Architectural Design

Integration and development

  • Project Management

  • Prototyping

  • Software Components Integration

  • Custom User Interfaces Development

  • Integration with your existing Information System

  • Backlog Conversion

  • Installation


Services Bureau

AICS provides backlog-processing services for data and documents locally and regionally. These services are provided to organizations that have amassed an enormous document storage backlog that is in need of archiving, but are not always prepared to invest resources in equipment and time.  However our Services Bureau offering does provide our customers the added benefit of providing a practical technology to convert legacy data formats to newer version formats in order to utilize the data in a more efficient way.


Document Management Implementation

 Implementation is the key issue in any project, especially in document management & archiving activities. AICS has proven demonstrated experience and highly skilled professionals in implementing several successful projects intended to assist our customers during all phases of the implementation life-cycle(beyond installation and training). Our main objectives in assisting customers during these phase is to ensure that they achieve rapid implementation and quick realization of productivity benefits. The contents of our services in this area are listed in the following:

  • Integration activities

  • Participation in discussions regarding progress of implementation

  • In-depth Training: knowledge transfer to trainers, customize training materials, etc.

  • Participation in load tests

  • Loading of backlog: setup of methodology, management, etc.

  • Growth of system: analysis, planning, etc.

  • Other miscellaneous implementation assistance activities


AICS has worked with clients to manage many large-scale, fixed-price software development projects using state-of-the-art technology. In regards to actual software services, we have delivered advisory services on issues as diverse as business model selection, return-on-investment consultations, project scoping, planning and evaluation.

AICS has accumulated many years of practical real-world experience in the IT and systems development fields. Therefore relying on this experience we are confident when we work with our customers in customizing solutions and realizing the best ways in managing their current and future IT resources needs.

Using appropriate contractual forms including outsourcing and partnering, AICS meets specific requirements with a personalized approach and close working relationships.


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